Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Roy S living in his own world

Roy Santiago live at the national singer/songwriter contest in Paradiso, Amsterdam. He managed to get the venue completely silent.But Roy S is silencing the entire Paradiso with his music. His style reminds me of Woven Hand (16 hp). As with all great artists, the people were divided on his quality. Some thought he should first learn how to play guitar instead of wrecking it, others - like me - were blown off their feet by his sincerity and depth. Of course he was no game to the jury of the national singer/songwriter contest. Way too controversial, and... well, real. But no other artist was able to get the Paradiso as silent as he did. To me that says a lot more than any verdict of any jury.
The other favorite of mine, Arthur, didn't win either. But I got pics of both Roy and Arthur to take away some of the mild pain that invariably haunts you when some no-brainer without proper English diction takes home the prize.
Arthur told me that the jury was undecided for a long time, and finally had to choose between Charlie Dee, himself and someone unknown. Apparently it was a tough decision for them.


Anonymous said...

Woven Hand Official Site

Ro Halfhide said...

Oh yes of course, I forgot. You told me last time as well, but I failed to remember :)