Wednesday, December 15, 2004

3 MCs & 1 DJ

Today was Beastie Boys Day. The day began at 8.30 AM in the Heineken Music Hall, where I started running errands for them. I took their cook with me and we went on vegetable hunt in he small Surinam shops that are plenty in the Bijlmer. The Beasties have a clear inclination towards health food. Apart from Mike D, they're not vegetarian, though. Very unlike other bands, they don't let their crew eat the same stuff as them. So their roadies had to eat with us, local crew. I don't know if I could settle for that. After a while you can get really sick from ordinary catering food.
After purchasing the cooking ingredients, there wasn't much else to do for me. Lucky for me, they had some more organic errands to run later that afternoon. Some bread without wheat, a bottle of Oregano ethereal oil that I couldn't find in any organic store... This was definitely not a rock & roll outfit, I was glad to find out.
The show was marvelous. Dressed like nerdy boys, they sounded the same as 20 years ago. Their DJ, Mixmaster Mike, was mixing the backing tracks live on vinyl. Apparently, Mixmaster Mike needed some extra vinyl to enhance the show and asked us if we could give a list of the best vinyl record stores in Amsterdam. I recommended Reaganesk, who's always on top of these things. He managed to give a whole list of good record stores. Reaganesk wasn't too far away, because he was also working for the Beastie Boys.
They had a special act for their 'songs'. You know the ones that they play instruments on. They were dressed up like 70-ies gangsters - like in their Sabotage videoclip - and were playing on a movable stage, that was concealed from view during the rap parts. It all sounded so cool and in control. This is truly a band of geniuses, that has indeed made its mark on pop and rap history. In what could have been both a rush of creativity or a well planned move, they decided to do one song (Intergalactic) from the balcony of the venue. Their enthusiasm and smiles when they made their way to the balcony gave me the idea it was improvized, but maybe they're just always enthusiastic about their show...
After the show I had to do loadout as well, because we came one person short. But that means extra money for me, so I don't complain.

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