Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Debut on Oor website

Live show of Johan in EKKO, Utrecht. They apparently played 4 new songs... And some of them were particularly good! :)I got my first pic in the Oor website! Let us hope it's not the last... Thanks, Jasper and Rianne! It's a pic from Johan, playing live in EKKO, Utrecht.
I was actually working for 3voor12/utrecht that day. Yes, that's also new. I'm photographing for 3voor12/utrecht. All the pics of Johan I made on that day are here, and the pics of support band Sgt Petter should be here.
Naturally, I gave different pics to both parties. But there were so many good ones to choose from... Anyways, check for yourselves if I sent up the best pics to the 3voor12 article.

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