Monday, December 13, 2004

Who the fuck is Ottoboy?!?

Ottoboy doing an intense set for the Amsterdam crowd in Overtoom301Well, he's trying to put a new face on Dutch rock&roll, one that is less rehearsed and more into the moment. I like acts that seem to invent the music on the spot, without getting lost into pointless improvizations. This approach normally draws mixed reactions. For some people it's all a bit too raw. I think people sometimes too easily put his music in a redneck corner. Anyways, the crowd in Amsterdam seemed to have been more pleased with the boring and pointless crap of zZz, than the raw and unrehearsed crap of Ottoboy.
It was a crammed bill that night in Overtoom301. That Dam! was having one of its famous festivals, and they never cut back on the amount of bands. Apart from Ottoboy and zZz, the Tigers! were coming all the way from the UK and there was the ever present Blues Brother Castro. Oh, and I forgot a few bands that I didn't quite like or didn't see. The Tigers! were a revelation, by the way. You'll see in the pics, but their music is essentially what makes them so special. Fast , furious, hysterical noisy punk that sounds like Chop Suey of SOAD. And that must have been rehearsed over and over to sound so convincing... This to signify that I'm not at all against rehearsing, as long as the result is as intense and fresh as Tigers! or Ottoboy.

A best of set of pics of the festival can be found here.

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