Sunday, October 03, 2004

Some stuff I did also last few days

1 Oct - It was an intellectual crowd in Perdu, where I played with the poet Robin Block. It's our third gig I believe, and we are finding the groove. It's strange to play for people that are trying to understand the deeper meanings of your artistic actions, like the kind of trousers you wear. I was wearing orange trousers by the way, that I bought in Madrid a week ago. Madrid is an excellent place for shopping clothes. Especially in the gay area.
2 Oct - Another gig with Salsa Verde. Excellent crowd. They started dancing during the second song, and they never stopped. They didn't even ask for Hazes too much. I love Hazes, but we don't play it. Which is a shame, because you could easily make a nice bolero out of his tour de force 'De Vlieger' ('The Kite' in English). I have been to the wake of Hazes' funeral, by the way. Very impressive. I cried a lot.

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