Thursday, September 30, 2004

Stuff I did lately

I'm so busy with stuff, I find no time to blog (yeah right ;-)
Anyways, here's a list of stuff I did last couple of weeks. I'll update it later on.

16 Sep - production of Reaganesk. The music is starting to shine. Album should be finished soon.
17 Sep - gig with Moon About in Zwolle for KCO. Posh artmanagement people. Bit boring (a bit?!) Though I did like the jam with one of their colleagues at the end of the night.
18 Sep - gig with Moon About in shoppingmall of Almere, through new booking agency ITB. This is promising, we could get a lot more wel paid gigs from them.
21 Sep - gig with Salsa Verde in The Hague, for our Minister of Finance Gerrit Zalm. The best gig I ever did with this latin band.

26 Sep - gig with Come Again in Nijmegen, in a local pub. Yeah, I do that too if I don't have anything else... and I like it!
28 and 29 Sep - working for Sarah Brightman. Who the fuck is...? None of my colleagues even knew who she was, yet she is able to fill up the HMH venue twice. After work, when I went for a Guinness in my local pub I got to talk to a Nigerian guy. And he happened to know her! 12 points for Nigeria...
30 Sep - working for Avril Lavigne. I'm getting late for work so I gotta go...

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