Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Sing when you're winning

Carmenkata in actionLast weekend I did a concert in Norwich with Carmenkata. We went with 9 people, it was quite an invasion. Carmenkata, Commando Cauldron, and visual artist Esther Kruk all were booked at the Norwich Arts Centre. Add to that a few fans and friends, and you got the picture.
The gig went very good. It was our first one with the new bass player Rick Kup, and he held his own amidst all the confusion and chaos. Yes, we like to improvize on stage. I decided on the spot to completely alter the drum rhythm for the last song, because it needed more of a heavy rock feel. It worked out well. I like to stay fresh in my playing, never do something exactly the same way twice. Not that the audience would know, these things are only the secret of the band. And in this case only me, because I don't think the other two members of Carmenkata were aware of it.

Carmenkata in actionCommando Cauldron kicked off before us. The English crowd was not used to the experimental electronic sound, but they were polite enough to stay quiet. I had to cry during some parts. After that came us, drawing in most people that were enjoying the lovely weather of the Norwich subtropical microclimate. Yes, they have palmtrees there.
Our label [drga-dga] had organized two art movieclips during the concert, and they worked out well. After us came Persil and Zea, to much delight of the English crowd. They like the Dutch accent of Persil's female singer, they think it's sexy. Smart music, they call it. Persil did a good show, the best I've seen of them. They have a new bassplayer now, who unlike the previous one seems to be a genuine part of the band. So Persil is now a trio?

Carmenkata in actionZea left the crowd positively amazed. Not everybody was convinced of the arty value of the duo, but sometimes English people can be so stiff about music. I think the Dutch like Zea more, and the English Persil. This is explained by the English bands that they put on in the bar. They all had the same lame arty-farty feel around them. It's uncool to take yourself too seriously in England. That's what they like about Persil. They think the band doesn't take itsself too serious.

Within a month, it's time for some Norwich bands to come over to Holland. Yes, this is a true exchange deal we have here. October 12 and 13 will see Bearsuit, Magoo and Fiel Garvie in Ekko and Paradiso, respectively.

Unlike Zea and Persil who have cult-status in the UK, we only came for one show. After that, it was drinking and singing football songs in the pub for me. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I also taught my Norwich friends some Dutch soccer songs. "Hash, coke and pills..."

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