Wednesday, September 08, 2004


The poster for the Gospel FestivalSo much to do and no time at all. This weekend I'm going to play in Norwich (UK) with Carmenkata, together with the bands Persil, Zea and the electronic artist Commando Cauldron. I'm organizing the journey for Carmenkata, and it keeps me occupied.
Besides that there's the occasional gig and other work in the music bizz. for instance, I worked on the Gospel Festival in De Bijlmer, Amsterdam. I'll definitely buy a ticket next year. So much positive fun and deep soul I don't get to see much.
And of course I'm busy mastering and making the cd for the Chinese Whisper project. I just received all the music, including Carmenkata, Commando Cauldron, Ottoboy, Audiotransparent and Erectromorph. All the music is especially composed for the occasion, so it's NEW! I can tell you the music of all bands is really good. The cd will be available coming weekend. Yes, that weekend that I'm gone to the UK. And that's why I'm so busy...

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Have fun in the uk!