Thursday, June 10, 2004

Touching cloth in Amsterdam ArenA

Two of my teammatesLast Tuesday I hung up a lot of backdrops for the Friday show of David Bowie in the Amsterdam ArenA. It was hard work, but a good team to work with. I even learned some Surinam folklore. Like when you're possessed by angry ghosts, you can clean your house with burning incense (I already did that myself), or take a bath in some special herbs. Or the fact that almost all black people have been severely beaten by their parents in their youth. At least all blacks in my team were. Including the white guy ;-) Seems like I was the only one to have missed out on that invaluable black experience...
Like one of them said: "Go ahead, get me my cane so I can slap you to pieces. That must have been the longest walk I ever made!"
I made some pics with my phonecam. Yep, it's a big place...

Our rigger moving trussesThe backdrop is on the rightAnother backdropAnother backdrop

Overview of the ArenA, with the huge video screens

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