Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Popgrond left me feeling stupid

The concert of de portables and 50 Ft Combo in the Brakke Grond didn't deliver. De portables are boring and not funny, while trying to be. 50 Ft Combo is all male energy. The first half hour they are the best band I've ever heard. After that they fall into their own trap. It's too much of the same thing: glorious, raw, surfpunk with a sleazerock topping. Just imagine someone screaming in your ear, ALL the time. No dynamics.
There was also a hardrock band during the break, but they were in a different hall. Without proper lighting, without proper amplification. I felt real sorry for that band.

It will take a long while before I set another foot in that place, I'm afraid. Unless I know the bands, maybe.

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