Thursday, June 03, 2004

Cover weekend

Last weekend I did some gigs playing covers. One was in the Holland Casino in Enschede. Haven't played there in a long time. It's kinda fun, nobody listens. The rattle of coins is louder than our playing...
The second gig was at the Heracles stadium, in the VIP lounge. It was a fine combination of the bands Moon About and Fiddlehead. It was during an important game for Heracles, because they can enter the premier league. I don't care, I just want my money afterwards ;-) Although I must say I got a bit carried away after Heracles managed to get back to 2-2 after an impossible 0-2... We did some Irish tunes, because the party in the VIP lounge was organised by an Irish pub. I played 'I Tell Me Ma' for the first time. Martin did 'Dirty old town' like he's Shane himself. In a sober version, that is. It all went really well, if you take the numerous small errors that nobody cares about for granted. I'm looking foward to play with these people again sometime.

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