Saturday, June 05, 2004

Legendary evening

For those of you who weren't there (and there must have been a lot of you, since there weren't too many people ;-), the [dgra-drga] festival in Metropool saw outstanding performances of all acts involved.
Starting with Music77, they came all the way from South-Germany just to play 3 or 4 songs. And boy, were they good. Coupling a melancholic mood with deep emotional feeling, I got swept away immediately. They had to stop early though, Audiotransparent (AT) had given some of their designated time to them. AT were majestic, much better than when I saw them last time. They shure won some new fans, including me.
I came up next, with Carmenkata. This was definitely the best gig we've ever done. Much obliged to Detmar, the sound engineer. He's a pro when it comes to mixing live music, especially when it needs to rock. His use of delays and reverb greatly enhanced our impact. Carmen never had such a sound, coming straight from the heart. Again we're coming closer to our full potential. We're not there yet. At least we think so. We're experimenting with a bass player right now, and hopefully he'll join us when we play in the UK next fall.
Commando Cauldron took over from us. I had given him the sample we use for our last song, so he took over from there with a twisted version of it. His clicks and cuts were a bit too outlandish for the less than arty crowd. I felt a bit sorry for him.
Lawn had the best sound I ever heard from them. Again thanks to Detmar.

Audiotransparent breaks fast at my homeAudiotransparent and Music77 slept in our place in Amsterdam. That's a record, we had 10 people sleeping over. When we arrived in Amsterdam, we bumped into Paul Hoek of We vs Death, who lives in my street. He just finished working for Paradiso. Since he's a good friend of Audiotransparent, this was a merry encounter.
Music77 could only take 3 hours of sleep, because they had to travel to Darmstadt the next day. AT took a good 'night' of sleep, because they had to leave for R17 at around 4 PM.

Audiotransparent bass player loading the vanAudiotransparent leaving for R17 the next morning

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Storm said...

Shit man, had ik best bij willen zijn. Maar ja ik was in trainingskamp voor iets dat zondag moest gebeuren en waar ik liever niet aan herinnerd wil worden :-(