Thursday, May 27, 2004

The Norwich connection

da Garv rehearsing at Ann's music roomLast weekend, I went to Norwich with Carmenkata. We played on Friday in the Norwich Arts Centre, and acted out our tourist dreams the rest of the days.
The reactions we got from the locals were encouraging. Someone said her "heart melted", and people were hanging over the balcony to watch us. That normally doesn't happen, so I was told. We did an acoustic gig in the bar. Next time we'll play amplified in the main hall, together with Zea and Persil. That will be on September 10. I'll keep you posted of course.
You can read an impression of this weekend by Carmen, together with some pics. I shot a lot more, but those will come later.
We had our B&B at Adam and Emma of da Garv. This band is right now busy making a new album. I had the honour to listen to the new material. It sounded very promising! The're definitely migrating towards another sound. Seeking the diversity, as their songs get either more poppy, or more melancholical. The record should be finished by the end of the summer.

At the gig, I met some local musicians of Magoo and Bearsuit. While talking with them, I found out that a date had been set on playing in Paradiso! If all is well, Magoo, Fiel Garvie and Bearsuit will play in Paradiso on the 12th of October. I have to get some final confirmation from Marcel of Transformed Dreams, though.

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