Saturday, February 21, 2004

It's a small world

I'm starting to find out that I'm actually moving in a small circle of 'music lovers'. I visited the Winston Kingdom last night. They had organized the monthly RTV Mortale night. Almost everybody in the venue had something to do with music, and therefore eachother. I think I'll be an insider sooner than I expected...
I met Jacqueline again, of 3rdofjune. She was able to introduce me to Yoast of RTV Mortale. Yoast was supposed to be in the jury of the Melody Line bandcontest, in which I wound up second with Carmenkata. He wasn't there, though. That's a shame, because I know he would have loved Carmenkata.
[drga-drga] might become a sponsor of RTV Mortale, the underground music-station of Amsterdam. Their Mortale nights in Winston are well organized and a lot of people show up. Could be cool.

The bands were OK. I especially liked Sally Skunk and Ninginkata. Listen to Sally Skunk here, or to the Ninginkata songs Little Transistor, Planes to catch, Adore.

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