Friday, February 20, 2004

Fiel Garvie cd released soon

Fiel Garvie cd - Leave Me Out Of ThisThe cd 'Leave Me Out Of This' of Fiel Garvie will be released on the 1st of March. That happens to be my birthday, so the omens are good :-) This is a bit later than expected, but we are learning as we move along. Better to be thorough than hasty. Marten and I dropped off the cds at our distributor today. They agreed to do all the promotion activities. Except weblogs and ezines, they don't take those seriously.
Fiel Garvie is right in the middle of editing a video. We'd like to see it, and if it's ok, promote it at MTV, TMF, The Box and 3voor12 WEBTV. We've never done that before so that's gonna be fun. "Listen, I know this video contains no babes and bling-bling whatsoever, but if you would consider playing it..."
Read a great and true review of their record in the US based Flak Magazine. The review also touches on the difficulties the band will generally encounter, because of it bears a vague resemblance to shoegaze music.

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