Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Riplets remix still far away

Lady AidaThe bare vocals still did not arrive. I'm getting a bit nervous (NOT!). It seems Lady Aida has also made a dancehall remix. Her remix will appear on the 12" EP, mine will hopefully be added to the downloadable cd that might appear at 3voor12. I like competition, especially in the dancehall genre. After all, dancehall is all about different 'versions' of the same cut.
I had a good idea yesterday when I lay in bed. Use the intro of 'When Doves Cry' of Prince! It fits well with the tempo of 'Hey Mickey'. Maybe alter it a bit to make it unrecognizable. I don't want Prince's lawyers tracking me down... :-)
The Riplets are going to play in The Hague next week. I'll visit them then. I hope I got a remix ready by that time.
This, by the way, is some info on the first remix that apeared of 'Hey Mickey'.

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