Sunday, October 02, 2005

Producing slam poetry

Robin Block is one of my best friends, and a great slam poet. He appears on a cd-sampler I produced together with him. Other poets are Sander Koolwijk, Pom and Tom. This is the latest production I've done, and it's quite successful. Tracks have already been played on 3FM radio at Dolf Jansen, and today between 12 and 2 PM they'll do some poems on
KinkFM. So have a listen!

In the afternoon today I'll play some djembé on Robin's poetry at Cafe Helmers.


Paul said...

Hey there,
It really sounds like you have a really interesting scene happening in Amsterdam!
I lived over there 11 years ago for about 6 months, when I had just left school. What an incredible city it is.
My sister, Claire, and her friend Pete, will be visiting Gavin soon so hopefully you will run into them. Myself and my wife, Laura, also hope to head over at some stage.
Keep in touch,

Ro Halfhide said...

I'm sure I'll meet them. Probably over a Burn of Speyside in the whiskeybar... :)

You should come over too! Would be fun...