Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Setting up lectures for Thorne Anderson in the Netherlands

My friend Thorne Anderson, solo-journalist covering mainly the Iraqi insurgency, will co-publish the book called Unembedded. It's about war-journalists like him who are operating outside the embedded program the US military has to offer. Thorne has published articles in papers like the New York Times and Newsweek, if these media are willing to accept his side of the story. Unembedded will likely cause a stir in the States, since that country is ready for a more unbiased approach to the conflict.

Thorne will be very busy promoting the book, going the rounds in the lecture circuit in the US. However, he would love to visit the Netherlands to talk about the book, the Iraq insurgency and unembedded war journalism in general. It will be the only opportunity for me to see him again. Plus I'd love to hear him talk about this subject. He seems to know so much about it, and he's so happy to share it. Since he's used to teaching at universities, it would be perfect to make him do some lectures on Dutch universities that teach studies like anthropology, journalism or religion studies.
I offered him to set up a small lecture tour in the Netherlands. Three dates would be great, as long as we can cover his travel expenses. I'll contact some universities soon. I'm thinking about anthropology at Leiden, religion studies at Amsterdam, and journalism in Ede or Leiden. Any suggestions? Let me know...


Anonymous said...

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Thorne is my hero. He hates america, but pretends to like it. I wish I could travel the world, suck cock, and bash america like thorne. He hasn't called since he did me in the ass, but I guess that's because he is busy taking pictures documenting how bad america is.

Muslims are great, maybe misubderstood, But I am sure you europeans already know how great muslims are, and how bad Americans are.

Well say hi to thorne

Anonymous said...

Journalist do what journalist do. They try to go out ther and tell us what they see. They struggle to combat nonsense, made up stories, rumor, or just find out what is going on. Any student would benefit from an exposure to real journalism.