Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Uploaded a new song

Well, that gig went pretty bad. But I had a lot of fun, anyway. Robin Block joined me on stage for two of his own songs. That went very good. Even that good, that Robin was asked to come back for a full show. I'll be playing with him as well then. They'll see me coming: "Oh no, not him again!".
Later that night I had a party at Rianne's, and we played some more. Needless to say, it already went a thousand times better.

Another thing worth mentioning: I made three new songs with Roely! I think we have made seven songs now, apart from the songs we made by ourselves. I've posted 'I Rock Myself To Sleep' on my Soundclick page. the song is still a bit dodgy, but that's how far we got this weekend. I see my art as a work in progress. I prefer it blogged and downloaded as raw material instead of released on cd when it's finished. I'm updating my songs whenever I got time to work on them, so in the end you should see a finished product. Maybe for some people the first draft would be better, while others get put off by some of the initial raw edges.

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