Wednesday, January 05, 2005

First gig of Halfhide coming up: tomorrow!

Oops, what did I do? I hardly have an act together and I already agreed to play some of my own songs. Tomorrow! Thursday, that is. This morning under the shower, I had a brainwave with ideas. And tomorrow I already have a chance to put it into action! The gods are not being patient with me...
I want to present myself as a singer/songwriter, but not necessarily with a guitar. Instead, I plan to sample the guitar and play the drums live! That's the other way around, I know. But I'm a better drummer than guitarist, so it's only obvious. Lately I'm starting to find out that it's always better to do what comes naturally. And not care about what others might want you to do. It's nothing new, but I found out that I haven't really done it yet...
I'll only play three or four songs. The rest will be done by The Honeybees, where you'll see me drum as well. If you bother to show up, of course.

Here's the date:
Thursday, January 6, Parnassos Utrecht, from 9 PM. Free entrance (that means no pay for the musicians).
Address: Kruisstraat 201, Utrecht

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