Thursday, October 21, 2004

Honeybees touches audience

Last night was the second gig ever of the Honeybees, the acoustic band from Utrecht. We played in Café De Stad with Pondertone, for the "Utrecht Plugt Uit" festival. The Honeybees are quite unknown, but people were very impressed. I'm not a core member of the band, but I do intend to play live every time.
Never have I played in a pub with a dead silent audience. There's always someone not getting it who chatters away, but not this time. Someone dropped something and people were actually angrily asking for silence. So something good must be going on within this band. I don't really understand, but sometimes you just have to accept reality. Also when it's good ;-)
I'm sure people will hear more from the Honeybees. Music this good can't be overlooked.

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