Thursday, July 01, 2004

New venue, old colleagues

Cher coming down romanticallyDrove to Ahoy' in Rotterdam to work for Cher. I never worked there before. I made sure I got there late, so I didn't have to see the show. I didn't think it would be fun to watch. But I was wrong! I got taken away by the tongue-in-cheek, slick show.
The audience consisted mostly of housewives and gays. What a combination, and they were united by their reverence for Cher. I was making pics of the show, when a security guard came up to me. He asked me to stop, because the personal bodyguard of Cher was getting edgy. The bodyguard looked like he walked away from a martial arts movieset. He was bent on keeping Cher safe, even from the hands of an innocent mother who tried to shake her hand. You don't want to mess with him. Later on I heard from a security guard that he was kicking around tables and chairs in the backstage area, when he couldn't get his way. I would have imagined him to be a bit more in control.
Later on, I got some insight in the American mind. I was working with some roadies to load a sea container. It was their last show, and they wanted to go back home. Sometimes the roadies would lash out at eachother, almost getting physical. But after a second, they'd have completely forgotten about it... working along as if nothing had happened. Very much like animals do. For Europeans, that's hard to grasp. After a while, I realized the meaning behind it. Their cursing and aggressivenes kept them focused on the job. It was nothing personal. It made me think about how they go about in Iraq. Yes, I'm a philosopher :-)

Some pics I could make of the Cher show. Notice the red wig and the trapeze acts...

You can see her personal bodyguard as a brooding shadow; the sailor's hat she got from a gay in the audience

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