Wednesday, June 30, 2004

P!nk sets a record

P!nk's setlist45 minutes, no more. That's what it took to get the loadout done of P!nk in the Heineken Music Hall. She is doing a stripped-down tour, for mostly festivals. No dancers, no videoscreens. This show was different for the crew, because it wasn't on a festival. The roadies were happy to do the loadout in such complete silence, as compared to working in the noise of the next band onstage.
For me it was a special moment. Yesterday was the first time I got to operate a spotlight on an important gig. I had done it once before, but this was something different: I got to wear a headset so I could listen to the commands of the head lighting engineer. Since I was a rookie, I got to spotlight the bass player instead of her P!nkness. There were 3 other spotlights. I think I done well. At least for the handful of times my spotlight was called upon. Now on to the next level, getting a 'Holiday on Ice' spotlight job... dreamdream.
To the right you see a pic of Pink's setlist.

The show was fun. I think this venue is best suited for popmusic and hiphop. It needs to be outgoing, because the atmosphere of the hall doesn't engage the audience. And outgoing she was, even without video and dancers. She completely filled up the stage. For me, she could have skipped the acoustic singalong moment when she did a medley of Janis Joplin songs. Maybe she's still lacking enough own hits to fill up the 75 minutes.
And for all those purists out there: everything was played live.

Resting... before the backline gets set upSetting up the drumkitThe effects of the guitarist

Setting up the backline requires a lot of resting...; During the setup of the drums, the drumtech gave me all the 'used' drumheads; The pedalboard of the guitarist.

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