Tuesday, June 15, 2004

PJ Harvey was a quicky

PJ Harvey live in HMHOnly the four of us, but we managed to get the load-out done within one and a half hour. PJ Harvey was playing in the Heineken Music Hall last Thursday, and I managed to get in for exchange of getting paid to work there. Sometimes life is good. But don't tell me that when I have to clean up a houseparty... My body double Miguel showed up too, so I had a great time.
The music was ok, but it felt that the venue was too big for the band. They didn't bring a lot of lights, and they didn't really make contact with the audience. Polly had her hair over her eyes all the time, so I couldn't make up her expression or anything. Before they started to play I didn't even know if they were the support act or already the real thing. But I loved their sound. A humble bass sound, and a loud and proud guitar... Very much like the latest record, where you won't find any bass at all.

BTW, you can still listen to the PJ Harvey concert in the HMH! It's actually really good, from the comfort of your own chair. Just make sure you have RealPlayer installed and click here.

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