Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Moon About weekend

Last weekend I was the musician I want to be. Three gigs in a row, all payed well. The first one was on Friday, in some nature resort near Bornerbroek. This is where the acoustic features of Moon About pay off. We decided to play outside for a while until the guests wanted to come inside the hall. Later on, when the party was in a more mellow mood, everybody gathered around the campfire. Of course we joined them there with some appropriate songs! Think 'Love me tender' ;-)
The second gig was at the Thyro rowing club. Started off slow, but in the end everybody was dancing and some people didn't want us to quit. Ever.
The next day we played with a new Moon About bass-player "understudy": Joris Bijleveld. Boy is he good. He didn't even want to know which songs we play. "I'll hear when we're playing." Somehow, I trusted his judgement. But I didn't think he would be that good. We'll sure ask him again, even though he's very busy playing.

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