Monday, April 05, 2004


De Waag in HaarlemWent to 'De Waag' in Haarlem yesterday, to see Kees and Rick play. Kees is one of the organizers of Live in the Livingroom, and Rick is the singer of The Chimney Brothers. It was their first gig together. They played mostly covers, ranging from Tom Waits to Neil Young. It was fun to watch. I especially like the voice of Rick, and Kees plays great Rock&Roll licks on the piano. Kees told me Simon&Garfunkel once played in this small venue. I gave a demo of my accoustic band Moon About to the bartender. I shure hope we can play there...
I also heard that I need to apply for gigs myself at the LitLR-website, they won't do it for me. Well, that's ok. I always wanted to order my gigs by web :-) LitLR is trying to get a show at Parkpop this year. Well, that is to say, they were asked by the Parkpop organization. As you might know, they have already done shows at Noorderslag and are going to do one at Motel Mozaïque. But these gigs were in livingrooms and Parkpop wanted to have the shows on the festival ground. So they found this skateboard-shack... Lots of things to sort out though, so it's very unsure if it will actually take place.

Later that night I went to café Meander, for a gig of Xander Hubrecht. He's a busy man, but he finds time to do a monthly gig with his hobby-band. He's also doing A&R for Carmenkata, no strings attached. But I love to have him as a sounding board for our more commercial excercitions. He didn't find the time yet to listen to our new songs. Skiing and playing for Idols can be time-consuming. We've recorded a new song ('The way you are') and I promised to email it to him. Of course I'll post the song here as well.

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