Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Beautiful Notes?

Went to the first round of Mooie Noten, the Amsterdam singer/songwriter contest. Carmenkata will play there too, on the 17th of April. So I was checking the competitors. Well, from what I saw in that first round, I think we should be able to make it to the semi-finals. Semi-finals, what a lousy word to use in the context of music. I know, the music industry is a competitive business. But to make a contest out of it... The people seem to love it, though. I said it before and I'll say it again (and this time I mean it ;-)

I'll never play in a music contest again.

There was one singer that actually stood out above the rest: Janne. No web appearance, I'm afraid. She sings like Norah Jones. Actually, she could be the blonde half-sister of Norah. Better give a call to Ravi Shankar...
I think she could really make it in the big world. I only wonder what she's doing in a singer/songwriter contest, it sounded more like jazzpop to me.

I also liked Summers, a Tori Amos clone. She played piano, of course. And she had the best songs. Because I didn't hear too many of those last night, I'm afraid. And people should get their English pronunciation straight. Janne got that perfect.

Oh, I could go on and on about Mooie Noten, but the bottom line is simple. I don't like contests and I think the overall quality level of the artists is low. The few exceptions couldn't revive my temper :-(

And I still have to play there...

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