Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Live in the Livingroom is the new cool

Forget about the clubs, forget about loud bands and the audience chatting through the 'softer' songs. The place I went to yesterday was a livingroom. Of a person with a lot of sisters, and according to one of the playing artists Marijn "only condoms and no tampons in the bathroom". Yes, it gets that personal. The sisters had done a great job cooking all kinds of snacks. After you have paid your entrance fee of 10 euros, everything is for free of course.
And what about the artists? They shone a thousand times brighter than I have seen with a band. Even though they were all "very scared" of playing for an audience in absolute silence, they worked the better for it. There were Rutger of Flemming, Marijn (organizer of the KHL singer/songwriter evenings) and Marien of the band Moss.
I kinda dislike Flemming, but Rutger was great last evening. He has a natural way of setting the audience at ease with his talking. And the songs are very diverse, commercial little diamonds. Marijn resembles a combination of Gillian Welch, Lucinda Williams and Joni Mitchell. Her remarks between the songs were both hilarious and witty. The songs were excellent, by the way. Marien played the most experimental songs, without losing touch with the audience. He does great stuff with his voice. The music reminded me a bit of Radiohead.

Well, I guess you already figured this one out: leave the clubs alone and go to Live in the Livingroom! Your life will never be the same!

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