Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The Honeybees starting off

Feline Honeybee on The Honeybee's Vox ampTonight I witnessed the first gig of The Honeybees. I happened to be the hired percussionist of the lot. Great music, both commercial and deep. I'll definitely play more with them.

Rightful Owner also played, reminding me of an accoustic version of Coldplay. They are looking for a drummer. Of course I applied. But we'll first have to talk about priorities and ambition. These are tricky subjects.
The Rightful Owner guys were very surprised to find out that I was the proud and rightful owner of a Pale Package. It's a cd containing three singer/songwriters, including them. Only 35 of them were ever made. I got my copy from Arthur ten Cate, also playing on the cd. It's a small world.

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