Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Riplets live

The Riplets were very cool in Hilversum. It's four girls, but all with a different attitude. The girl that plays the keys looks a bit afraid and sweet, whereas the singer has a cool R&R attitude.
The rest of the bands were ok, but I came for them. I hope they're going to be big. They could be, I think they got enough attitude. What I admire, is their way of doing business. Whenever they have a crazy idea, they immediately act upon it. That way, something small like a cover-song "Hey Mickey" can grow into this remix project with some great DJs involved. Including me... :-) They're planning to release the remix 12" vinyl at a special release party in Rotterdam.
While being at their gig, I was invited to play a role in an upcoming documentary about groupies for the VPRO. I did the acting on the spot. It involved some indignities, which I like when I can't think too long about it.

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