Friday, March 12, 2004

Action packed days

Went to Metropool yesterday to discuss the upcoming [drga-drga] festival we organize over there. This will take place on the 4th of June, so there is still enough time. I found out that later that night, Baron Saturday will present their new demo in that venue. It so happens I helped produce that record... Unfortunately I had no time to stay.
Almost every night there's something I need to go and see. Yesterday brought the Unsigned Tour to De Melkweg. A handful of College Radio bands, including Moss, Woost, Gem and Voicst. I especially liked Moss. Their manager Jacqueline is really proud of them. She should be, because they have great songs and know how to sound well.
I gave a Carmenkata sampler to Jacqueline. She has loads of contacts. It might get us some gigs and introduce us to a few more interesting people.
Tonight I'll go see The Riplets again. After the failed visit a week ago, this time I should be able to get to the gig on time. After a week of waiting for a reply to my remix, I asked myself. They thought it was cool! I realize now that in the real world, this means that they actually really like it. Or at least I hope so...

Last Wednesday was interesting too. I talked to Marcel and Arnold of the Transformed Dreams label. I'm organizing an exchange of English and Dutch bands. The English bands are all from Norwich: Fiel Garvie, Bearsuit and Magoo. Carmenkata and Zea are the Dutch bands so far. The idea is, that the Norwich bands will do a show in Paradiso for the monthly k-tsjoem festival. The Dutch bands will play in Norwich in return. I knew Marcel was enthousiastic about it a few months ago. And he still is! It will take place in August, and we'll play in Norwich somewhere during the Fall.

Bear Suit in actionLoVid in action
BTW, bought a great dvd from LoVid at the festival. Very experimental, very disturbing...

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