Saturday, March 06, 2004

Carmenkata Live in the Living Room, and more

CarmenkataSo much is happening right now. The promo-cds we mailed out are bearing fruit. Carmenkata got selected for a gig with the Live in the Living Room project. It's a very cool idea. Just let singer/songwriters play in somebody's living room. Make a website where you let the three parties come together: the hosts, the artists, and the fans. We're really proud to be selected for this. We're talking about high quality artists like Spinvis, Hans van den Burg and J Perkin. These people have all made hits. But they want to share their songs in the one of the most intimate places imaginable: someone's living room. Carmenkata will be playing with Kirsten and a third singer/songwriter, yet undecided. I hope they will try to make this a true ladies night... :-)

Another gig that came up for Carmenkata is a very short one: doing the GRAP singer/songwriter contest in KHL Koffiehuis, Amsterdam. She'll only be playing for 15 minutes. It still sounds like a joke to me, though I know this is normal for contests. I've done quite some myself :-(

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