Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Carmenkata moves forward slowly

My pal Marten came by yesterday, to bring the blank promo-cds of Carmenkata. They are beautiful. They are blank cd-rs, but they come packaged in a professional looking sleeve and printed. The sleeve leaves space to write down the tracks and some other info. This way, we have a professional looking cd which can contain any kind of music... great for promo duties!
If anybody feels compelled by this idea and wants to have his own great looking blank promo-cdr, plz email our label [drga-drga]. We could do that for you.

Yesterday, I also did a rough mix of the new songs we have recorded for Carmenkata. Seven of them, we have emailed to Xander. Xander is our A&R manager for an exciting project Carmenkata is working on. We promised to keep him up to date with our new material. It took a while to comply but we've done it, one week later. Xander is part of a new production house that wants to work with Carmenkata. Our goal is to make a commercial album, without losing the alternative vibe of Carmenkata. They have the contacts, we have the music. Seems like the old record deal, except they are not a record company. They are producers, and hot-shots too. Think Blof, Anouk, Idols, Birgit... It's all very exciting but it will take some time before we can get results. Everybody is very busy, and money needs to be made in the meantime.

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