Friday, September 29, 2006

Producing Lucky Fonz III, and others

It's official: I'll produce the next Lucky Fonz III album. I also produced his debut album, and it got great reviews. He's ready for another one, and we talked about it today. The first album we recorded mostly at his home. This time we're using some studio time he won, so we'll have some more possibilities. And pitfalls of course :)
Another songwriters you'll be hearing from is called Jerry Spurlock. He's one of the very few Zither players left around, and his songs are brilliant. I did one session of four songs, still mixing it. More sessions will follow. The people I gave his songs to listen to all needed to hear more. Well, patience people. If it's up to me, there's an album coming up.


Dre said...

p RO ducer!!

Ga je ook het eerste album van Halfhide produceren?? Zijn fans wachten al zo lang.... :-/

Ro Halfhide said...

Ja... eerst nog lekker veel spelen! gaat steeds beter :)