Saturday, July 23, 2005

U2 & me too

After a busy week working for U2, I finally got some time for myself. Instead of doing that all important admin stuff I need to do, I used it to record a song that was long overdue. At the end of the day, what do you want to be remembered by? The clean administration or the songs you wrote? But I need to do admin though and I hope recording songs will pave the way for it. Dream on... ;)
The song 'Poisoning Of My Heart' you can find at my musicdump.

Edit: I also uploaded another song from years ago, but I think it's still cool. It's another era - I'm using loops and my voice is not so strong - but the guitar intermezzo is excellent... :)
It's called 'Deep Inside'

Edit (July 24): remixed Poisoning Of My Heart. Sometimes you need some distance to make it better...


Anonymous said...

hej ro... je schrijft ook niet meer zo gek vaak op je bloggie... we moeten maar weer eens wat afspreken om bij te kletsen... mijn e-mail ende telefoongedrag is niet geweldig de laatste tijd

Ro Halfhide said...

Ach ja... soms is het ff wat minder he. We spreken wat af!