Sunday, April 24, 2005

Egoist me

King Me backstage...I've been a bit egoistic lately. So much interesting stuff to do, but not finding the time to post about it. O well, I'm sorry. So what's been going on? I did a tour with King Me and Timesbold, as the sound engineer for King Me. That was fun. I got to see Timesbold and the solo project of Jason, Whip. I prefer Whip, although I think the dB's concert was the best Timesbold gig I saw. That was because they decided to play different songs, and they were aggressive. As Timesbold's genius Max said: "The dB's gig was more of an adventure". And I like adventures.

Another adventure I'm hurling myself into: engineering the sound for live hiphop band Illicit. I done two shows by now, seemingly to the satisfaction of both me and the band. We'll see where that ends. I'm opting for the Heineken Music Hall. They got it in them to become big.

Been writing songs like hell as well. Well, I am in hell right now since my heart is very much broken. But it gives me good songs... The Amsterdam Songwriters Guild is growing stronger. We now have our own monthly show in our own theater in the center of Amsterdam. We are asked to organize 4 ASG shows in Café Soundgarden, and we took the bold move to organize a weekly evening in bi/gay/multisex café Sappho, also Amsterdam Center. That means we have 9 shows in May alone! Next thing we have to do is fill it up with artists who want to play their own shit for free. And they have to be good. I consider myself lucky we already have some great contributors to the ASG...

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