Sunday, December 05, 2004

Hermano rocks!

Greatest hardrock band of this year Hermano (remember Kyuss?) playing live in PatronaatFor those of you who like to rock: Hermano salutes you! Fronted by the lead singer of stonerrock band Kyuss, John Garcia, you can see they have a mighty good time together. They love to play rock, and they love to play together.
No, this is not a boring band. They have a fire inside of them that burns through your senses, but they're able to top it off with some genuine wit and camaraderie. I haven't seen such a great lead guitarist in... maybe my entire measely life! He seems to hail from Kentucky, and I don't know much else about him.
And what an attitude, to sign posters and cds together after the show for like an hour! After which they started to pack their gear. Themselves.
The Patronaat is starting to become my venue of choice lately. It seems EKKO is loosing its edge a bit, but I'm sure it will come back. Don't forget December 15, where Johan will showcase new material in EKKO!

There's a whole set of pics from Hermano in Patronaat. I think these are the best, but if you think you know better I can supply you with more pix where they came from. Just email me.

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