Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thanks Marg

Do you know this joke about the drummer who went for the audition of Gram? He didn't go. Because his blog was too explicit. Marg called off the audition. My personality was too powerful. She had been talking to some people about me. Who? I hardly know anybody in Amsterdam! And she had taken a look at this here weblog. All in all enough reason to make her believe that it wouldn't work. That I would be too strong headed. She already had that experience in Seedling, and wanted to work with someone more docile. She said I should take that as a compliment. My god, she sounds like a CEO doing a layoff. I know what she wants. She wants a spineless drummer who changes into a crate of beer after the show. And oh irony, I though I was such a drummer!
So thanks Marg, for making me realize that I'm actually an interesting, vibrant person with his own opinions. It's good to know that months of therapy are finally paying off. And that this blog actually does a wonderful job. Even though it's not displaying the real me, the picture some people get is one of a willful artist who knows what he wants. So I guess it's high time I live up to that image. And even though I've been cursing you the whole night, I also feel eternally grateful. I wish you all the best with Gram. And if you do happen to find the perfect drummer, can I drink him up after the show?


Anonymous said...

Dude i'll meet you at same place then we can bleed and throwup on microphones.

Apparently there are some rules to music. You should not break the rules cause there are rules for a reason. Can I interest you in a rock n roll off? Did I mention my rock is sponsored by the war in Irak?

People don't like my opinions either. 20+ band auditions later...

I'll play music with you anytime, find a freak headstrong guitarist. Preferably someone that uses lots of drugs. We won't sing we will just spit beer for the duration of our show then drink our spillings off the floor.

Don't let the man keep you down by submitting to dutch rock n roll standards.
Groups of people that think something are usually sheep.

The good thing is you can easily be the weirdest guy in amsterdam. Crazy is apparently a bad word here. I find it really inspiring/refreshing.

thanks man..


Anonymous said...

i understand, marg, that you just try to feel if something will work or not. and it's even not up to me to say something about it or even write this. (i work the same way: feel if something feels right. if not: then don't. whatever the reason would be).

i want to congratulate halfhide though, with his journey to be this dazzling personality. when you would ask me if you're stubborn of shitty i would say yeah, maybe sometimes - and maybe even a lot of the time :-). and if you'd aks me if you're cooperative and wonderful and/ or a lowest dog, i would say yeah to it all. for yeah it is and for i'm all of that too. and i know sometimes it isn't easy to work with a guy (or girl for that matter) that reflects all things so simply. halfhide, come and be my drummer! ;-)

Ro Halfhide said...

Awlrright! Some overseas comments, always refreshing to read.
I prefer to keep my beer in me instead of barfing it out, so if you don't mind that we could go out one time. Mail me when you're in town, Jackson.

As to the rest of you reading this stuff, please understand that it's a blog. I could be different in the outside world. In fact I think I'm different everyday. Of course that's a narcist thought, but I like to think it.