Friday, November 05, 2004

Do can actually sing!

I know, most people can't give a horses ass. But I saw her perform in the HMH tonight, and Do is actually amazing! I have seen a disasterous performance, live on MTV. After that I knew she had no talent at all. But tonight I'm afraid I have to change that opinion.
Backed up by The New Cool Collective, a host of Dutch artists were giving a tribute to Motown. The reason was quite mundane, to support T-Mobile. So I went with no expectations at all, invited by Robin Block who had free tickets. As it turned out, nobody had paid for their entrance!
Artists performing: Boris, Do, Gordon & Replay, Candy Dulfer, Lois Lane and Di-rect.

The artists didn't take it all too seriously, which was quite refreshing to see. The music was great, I never heard Motown's catalog played with such rich arrangements. Leave that to the big band of New Cool Collective! I won't bore you with the details, but it's fair to say that Lois Lane formed the worst, and Do the best of the evening. Candy Dulfer had guts for bringing some obscure instrumentals and a hot funky piece about sex. Gordon was feeling extremely comfortable in his role of gay jester. Replay had to make up for that with their musicality. They succeeded, though there were people who didn't buy into the Gordon foolishness, and couldn't look through the missed lyrics and failed notes to meet his genius. It was an interesting site.
I'm afraid I've figured Boris out. He's not able to make contact with the audience because of his sulky stage act. When he and Do were performing a duet, Do was naturally seducing him with her moves. What made it awkward, was his reaction. Any boy in any dancing knows better how to deal with it than he. Like some wooden John Cleese he was keeping distance, displaying an almost abhorred attitude. Of course, most boys in the crowd wanted to fill in for him and do it right :-) His voice is excellent, but that's not going to cut it.

Anybody still here, reading? I know, these are not your average indie artists. But they deserve to be blogged about, just like anybody else... Tomorrow I'll work for Rammstein in Ahoy'. Curious...

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