Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Club Funday Deluxe in Patronaat

What Greek god is he trying to personify?Last Sunday I went to see some bands in Patronaat. They will put up some great acts, every Sunday during the winter months. This was the opening of the season. Including Kopna Kopna, M.A.S.S. and The Bloody Hollies. The last two bands carried the 'Approved by John Peel' stamp. I couldn't find anything on Kopna Kopna and Peel, so I guess they missed the boat. They're very good though. A combination of Tom Barman's voice and the disco of Zita Swoon, but then much better ;-)

O yeah, the entrance is free! You have no excuse to stay home next time...

You can find the rest of the pics here.

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