Sunday, October 31, 2004

Ben Christophers, the angel and Ekko

What an angelic voice! Ben Christophers is a true revelation for me. I worked on his monitors in Ekko and I was so impressed by his music, that I went to the Paradiso gig the next day as well. That was today, in the afternoon as a matter of fact. Both concerts were fabulous, with a packed audience. I think the Ekko gig had much better lighting, and we dressed up the stage more beautifully. But in the end it didn't matter. The music is what counted.

I have never heard such a voice before, and his timing is right on! I can go on for ever about his music, but I won't do it. Just check him out in Rotown on Wednesday...

I'll post the setlist he made for me later on.


Anonymous said...
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Storm said...

It indeed was great. Sorry I didn't have time to say "Hi!" So much people there that I had to say hi :)
Look at that lighting:


Ro Halfhide said...

Yep, I remember that song... He only used that effect once, so that it had a maximum impact. Paradiso was just a few spotlights on the guy :)