Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Lawn signing record deal for Germany, Austria and Italy

My friends of Lawn are a strange lot. They keep on growing in fame. I know them for about 10 years now, and they started ever so humble. But look at them now! They've signed a deal with Supermodern, a German record label. Their latest record 'Backspace' will be distributed in various countries, including Germany, Austria and Italy.
Job, one of the singers and composers of the band, called me last week to tell me the good news. And he wanted to know what we should do about the vinyl version of their record. Because I'm bringing out the vinyl of 'Backspace' through my label [drga-drga]. Well, we have enough for the German market as well. And if Supermodern wants more than were produced, we can order a second run. Much cheaper that way! I think we finally have a financially sound product in our hands :-)
This is also good news for Carmenkata, who is singing a few words on the title track of 'Backspace'!

I got some nice pics of the Lawn show I organized a few months ago in Metropool. I hope to post these tomorrow. Music77 and Audiotransparent fans will also be pleased, because they were on the same bill and I got some pics of them too.

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Storm said...

Awesome for them!