Saturday, July 03, 2004

Doing a wedding

The country around Maastricht reminds me of The Shire in LOTRYesterday I drove all the way to Maastricht for a gig at a wedding. It's Hobbit-land over there, the country around Maastricht reminds me of The Shire in LOTR. I was playing with Moon About, my acoustic trio. Some extraordinary things happened there. I met a blues harp player from Paris, and he played some songs with us. Great sound! We improvised 'Mannish Boy' from Muddy Waters. I made up some lyrics about the bride and groom... Second thing was that while we were playing 'La Bamba', a woman started to dance vehemently. Her timing was superb, and that lead to some ideas about how to play the song better. It's amazing how dancers can give musical ideas to musicians. I could never have played the song that good without her dancing it. I thanked her for it afterwards, and she understood completely.
The blues harp player will try to book us in Paris. Would be fun!

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