Friday, June 18, 2004

Work of the hardest kind.

Me at the monitor mixer, for the bandWorked for Euro*PA again, in Utrecht. We went to the club where they like to abuse mentally disabled people. "Just rough 'em up a little", as Rummy would say. I promised myself to never work there again. But I'm weak, and money is strong. And I got the promise they wouldn't play around with imbeciles this time.
And they didn't. In fact, the party was ok. Nothing spectacular. Except for the length, I worked for about 13 hours... Ivo explained to me how the light-mixer works, and I got to mix the last band. While in the same time doing the monitors. So I learned a lot.

The FOH mixer, for the audienceMe looking stupid. But they didn't rough me up, though

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