Saturday, June 19, 2004

I can hear Phil coming in the air tonight

Phil Collins ending the showLike a runaway psycho, Phil Collins begins the only song worth mentioning, 'In The Air Tonight'. He reminded me of Robin Williams in 'One Hour Photo'. But the song completely makes up for the rest. Phil walks slowly towards a drumkit, while he's singing with a distorted voice. Just when the fabulous drumfill is about to begin, he sits himself down behind the kit. The song ends with some majestic drumming of Phil. Goosebumps... I have to say I didn't see the rest of the show, because I had to prepare for load out. Phil ended the show with 'Please take me home'. A fine song, but I agreed more with the title than Phil would have wanted me to. We approached the stage from the side during that song, so I could make the picture you see on the right.
The crowd was old and underdressed, I even saw some rollators when I wandered through the crowd. It felt like I was back in the 80ies. Yes, I'm that old... :-)

I didn't help setup the stage, I only did load out. 'Load out' is getting all the stuff back in the trailers, 'Load in' means getting the gear in the venue.

A bit tacky at times. Maybe most of the time... Goody goody Phil Collins with his MOTR audience.

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