Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Everybody must get stoned

I worked as a crewboss today in the Amsterdam ArenA. I didn't know beforehand. I was told when I walked in. Boy, did I have it coming. Before the lunch, no problems. During lunch, I was asked to get a cd of 'Oh happy day' of the Edwin Hawkins Singers. Probably for André Hazes, who's doing a show next Friday. I had to take my own car to town. Great, I love to drive. After I came back, the trouble started. My crew wasn't the same anymore. Some of them were acting stoned, and it turned out one of my guys probably hit a door with a forklift. Problem is, he doesn't have a driver's license. I had to call my upperboss to straighten things out. I hope I did, you never know with these people. As for the boys that got stoned, they denied everything. But I got complaints about them from the people that hired us...
Lesson learned: some people can't be left on their own devices. When the shit hits the fan, try to stay as open about it as possible. Especially with your superiors. They actually liked the way I reacted. Or so they told me. You never know what they really think... :-(

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