Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Recording at SAE

SAE InstituteLast Saturday, we recorded an electric song of Carmenkata for the first time. Up till now, it has all been either rehearsal recordings or accoustic stuff. This time, we went to the SAE school in Amsterdam and recorded the song 'Crap'. We also took the chance to get to know our new bass player a bit better. Yes, we expanded our band from two to three! So now we're no longer able to say we sound like the White Stripes... We never did anyways, but nevermind.

Our bass player is called Rick Kup, and he lives in the far east of the Netherlands. We live in the west, but it doesn't matter. This country is very small. We rehearsed on Friday in dB's. The sound is different when you have a bass player, but it's ok. There's a lot to get used to before we're ready to put it on stage, but it's very promising. I hope we'll be ready by the 4th of June, when we'll play in Hengelo.

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