Monday, May 03, 2004

[drga-drga] evolving

We had a [drga-drga] meeting yesterday. It seems we're naturally evolving into a production house. Organizations like Extract are asking us to do production, and we're organizing more and more events. Also, people with a promising network in theater-production like Gysèle are willing to work with us.

Some events in the pipeline:
Pinkster in front of the fight movie she made with Lindhout- Drug of the Nation festival in Metropool, on June 4. As usual, we'll have visual artists together with great bands and an experimental electronic act. The lineup is already confirmed: Audiotransparent, Carmenkata, Commando Cauldron and Lawn.
- Drug of the Nation festival in Norwich, UK! Yes, we're going abroad. This time in cooperation with the Transformed Dreams label, the festival will travel to Norwich. Norwich is the hometown of Fiel Garvie, also a [drga-drga] band. The lineup has been confirmed and will be Carmenkata, Persil and Zea. Of course, we'll take our visual artists with us. Maybe we could do something with local artists as well, since this is one of our ways to get people interested...
- In the springtime, we hope to be back in Norwich for another round. Bands that have shown interest to play are Lawn and We vs Death. The local promotor Annie Wombat of WombatWombat productions is also enthousiastic about these bands. After all, she'll do the final selection...
- We have a new experimental electronic act coming up: Erectromorph. At the end of this year, Erectromorph will highlight his cd release with a theater production in which you will be fed gourmet food whilst blindfolded by snubby butlers. The food will be cooked live as well. And of course you will hear the cd while you eat. The production had been set up in his hometown Groningen last year, and we'll help him set it up in Amsterdam this time.
- My fellow labelmanager Marten is doing great with his experimental electronic act, Commando Cauldron. He has now hooked himself up with a couple of international dancers, Sarah and Vincent. He'll not only provide the music, but is also dancing himself! I'd like to see that... :-) No dates yet, but there will be a production further down the line. In the meantime, his music will be used in a tour of these dancers that will cover the US eastcoast. Yes, I'm jealous ;-)

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