Wednesday, February 18, 2004

[drga-drga] moves ON

I met up with Marten today. We were supposed to go to Konkurrent, but they were busy and we were unprepared :-( Never mind, there was enough to do. All we do is brainstorm and chat about what is on our minds. Without an agenda, but it really works for us.
We called up Productiehuis ON, to ask if they would like to co-produce our 'Drug of the Nation' festivals. These festivals want to mix up experimental electronic music, multimedia art, theater & dance, and indie bands. We already did one festival last year in Atak, Enschede. There's one coming up in Arnhem, on the 26th of March.
They were very enthousiastic! [drga-drga] is an organization they are dying to work with. That's a big break for us, because we really could use their expertise in raising money. They also have quite some credibility and contacts with venues. We are going to meet up next week or so. Now our understaffing suddenly seems less of a problem... :-)

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